who are you? what do you do? …and who do you want to speak to? these are the questions that you need to be clear about. if not, then you’re in the right place as that is one of the services that CYAN60 specialises in – brand creation and identity.

if you’re interested in starting a conversation in regards to that then get in touch by the contact us form in the contact section or just drop us a line 0408 9000 35.  if you’re based in sydney, would be even better to have a chat over a cuppa tea or coffee. if not, then there is always skype. send me an email and we can work out a time to do so.

…so if you’re after an ongoing relationship so that at the end of the day everyone wins …then get in touch.


…so what’s with the name?  does it mean anything?

The name came about when a teacher, Lynda Christie, was talking about a job she was doing and a particular image that she wanted to use for the cover of an annual report she was designing. She wasn’t able to get the rights to the image so instead “I thought I’d just recreate it, hired a couple of models and found a similar place to the original …a grassy hill with a big sky behind it ..but unfortunately, on the day of the photo shoot, it was overcast. Not wanting to waste time and money to rehire the models, I thought I’d just shoot the models, had the the photo’s developed, scanned them in, deep-etched out the couple in the foreground, took the colour CYAN, made a gradient up to 50-60% and that creates a nice clear blue sky” …and as soon as she said it, a lightbulb flashed above my head. “hmmm, CYAN …60 …clear blue sky. I like it!” so I filed that name away and when it came to registering a business name, it was the first one we put down …and out of the 50 other names we came up with …that was the winner. voila!